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As the name suggests, the story of the family business begins in the 1960s on the Mendel Pass and continues from 1984 to the present day in Termeno. The foundation was laid by Roberto Larcher, a trader who traveled from one village to another with his Volkswagen van, selling groceries. When the demand for speck increased, he decided to start production on his own.

From an initial 20 pieces, the number quickly grew to 50, then 100, and so on, until the space in the cellar on the Mendel Pass was no longer sufficient for production. The family then decided to move to Termeno to expand the business further. With the move to Termeno, a new chapter began for the company.

Large production spaces, modern equipment, and some additional helping hands led to the rapid growth of the business. Other products were soon added, and now the product range is very extensive.

Speck remains the main star of production, but there is also bacon, sausages, specialties like Carne Salada, and even cooked ham in the Mendelspeck product repertoire.

The family has always been committed to finding new production and processing methods while still preserving traditional elements in production. For example, each speck is still hand-massaged with a mixture of salt and spices, only low-resin beechwood is used for smoking, and the aging process is slow and gentle, allowing the meat to develop its flavour peacefully.

This final step, aging, has been taking place since 2015 at an altitude of 1100 meters in Neuradein, the company’s second location, where the conditions are ideal. The company remains a family business, with the third generation already involved in leadership positions.

For several years now, the family has introduced a second product line, easily recognizable by their black label. The “Famiglia Larcher” line represents the culinary peak of the products produced by the company.


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