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Nimbah, a lifestyle alternative

The global market for beverages and food products is constantly evolving, and more and more players are seeking to stand out by offering innovative products. It is in this context that Nimbah is positioned, a trend-hunting company with a thousand flavors…

Nimbah was born from its founder’s passion for travel and discovery. It takes its name from the contraction of the name of its founder, Abdoulaye BAH, and Mount Nimba, located in Guinea. The company offers carefully selected exotic products from around the world, thus offering a unique sensory experience.

The journey through the senses is at the heart of the Nimbah experience. The founder of the company, inspired by his several travels around the world, chose to share his discoveries and bring to light products little known in the West. Nimbah’s catalog includes a wide range of herbal teas, including the famous Rooibos Mandela Tea, but also other infusions from around the world: Chai, Maté or Karak Tea (a ready-to-drink tea from the Middle East). In one cup, dive to meet a continent!

Innovation is one of the core asset of Nimbah’s strategy, which has been able to anticipate an increasingly marked trend in the drinks market: non-alcoholic spirits and mocktails. The company’s flagship product? Its range of botanical drinks with Rooibos and Moringa. These non-alcoholic drinks are made using distillation techniques, highlighting the natural and powerful aromas of plants.

Nimbah co-develop with Hyca, a French company which uses distillation to develop botanicals drinks without sugar and without additives. Indeed, this method brings out all the aroma of the ingredients and preserves all their benefits. You will discover in our stand at Anuga the latest innovation.

Hyca has developed organic sparkling botanical drinks made with distilled plants ideal to be pared with meal, without alcohol, sugar or calories.

Recently they have introduced Botanical lemonades with distilled plants very lightly sweetened and tangy, the perfect balance to have fun without guilt. You will have the opportunity to taste some of their drinks. This approach makes Nimbah a trendsetter in the beverage market, offering refined alternatives to wellness-conscious consumers.

We also sell an infusion of natural rooibos as an artisanal infusion.

Beyond the infusions, coffee lovers will be able to discover a unique and tasty blend of Arabica and Robusta, from Ivory Coast. Then Cascara infusion, made from the pulp of the coffee cherry, will charm the most adventurous. This range of plant-based drinks will awaken all taste buds.

 In the kitchen, you can find fonio, sorghum and teff: in flour or whole seeds, discover these African cereals and benefit from their positive effects on health. But also: spices, Superfoods, dried products… Healthy foods with obvious virtues that have everything to delight the consumer!

Nimbah incarnate the perfect union between quality, health, flavor and ethics, its a lifestyle alternative in terms of exotic products. Our product can suits in the horeca, snacking markets.

Find us at the Anuga show in hall 7.1 stand D43 and Trade drink Expo at Excel London UK on October 10 and 11 at stand E61

You can visit our website www.nimbah.com and reach us at abah@nimbah.com

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