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This Is Not Just Pasta

This is not just pasta, it is also the story of a family that through 4 generations, selects and mills only the finest durum wheat to produce a premium pasta made in the Molise Region, with unique characteristics that cannot be reproduced elsewhere: bronzed drawn, tasty and with a strong firmness during and after cooking phase.

Established in 1912 in the heart of Molise La Molisana has become from the original artisan workshop, through a century of history, one of the most appreciated national pasta brands. ln 2011, the pasta factory was acquired by the Ferro family that dedicates itself for 4 generations to production of high quality durum wheat semolina.

The historical millers’ family has a centuries-old tradition and international credibility built over years which enables it to carefully select solely the best wheat qualities with great competence in the worldwide markets. This step marks the beginning of a new season of growth and success for La Molisana which invested over 60 million euros for developing any crucial departments.

Today it is the forth national player and exports in over 80 countries of the world (there were 30 in 2011), mainly in Canada, USA,  Brazil,  Spain,  Japan  and  Australia. ln 2019 it was awarded with Ł prestigious prizes including the Leonardo Quality ltaly Award assigned to the company by the Prime Minister for quality and vocation for export.

Since 2011 La Molisana controls the entire life cycle of pasta–making and works on three production sites: silos, mill and pasta factory. lts signature in milling process is the stone debranning, a modern technology which employs an ancient method that gentry purifies grains preserving their   original properties.

The wisdom in mixing quality grains of different varieties of our Master Miller together with technical skills of its Master Pasta Maker along with the most advanced technologies are the secret of pasta La Molisana. Our Pasta factory is located at 730 meters above sea offers unpolluted air to perfectly clean drying our pasta and pure, cold water with oligomineral characteristics captured in the heart of the Matese Mountain to knead our semolina.

This is the secret of Pasta La Molisana: high gluten index to keep firmness in cooking phase, excellent protein content to preserve the shape and the original structure and finally an amazing yellow index, to make the pasta more appealing and appetizing.

The company offers a range of about 100 bronze drawn shapes, including semolina pasta and egg pasta, and the Spaghetto Quadrato, a flagship product launched in 2013 and which soon became a best seller. lnnovation represents for La Molisana an important sales driver.


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