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Since 1964, quality, innovation and attention to detail

For 60 years, Piuma d’Oro has established itself as the undisputed leader in the snack sector, capturing a market share that nearly reaches 85% in Italy.

Founded on pillars of quality, innovation, and attention to detail, the company has transformed culinary tradition into a modern industry of delicious and original snacks.

Today, Piuma d’Oro is the main supplier for Organized Large-Scale Distribution (GDO) and the Ho.re.ca sector, thanks to its ability to expertly blend tradition and innovation. The company’s success is highlighted by its expansion: in 2015, it acquired Dulcis Mania s.r.l., underlining its ambition to keep pace with the future challenges of the market.

The secret of Piuma d’Oro’s success lies in its ability to renew traditional pastry making. Unique snacks that reinterpret classic specialties in a modern key, combining the idea of street food with the elegance of pastries, have earned a place in the hearts of Italians. These products are ideal for sharing with family or friends, turning every moment into an unforgettable culinary experience.

The company’s daily production reaches 50,000 kg of products, mainly fried snacks for Carnival. Operating over an area of 35,000 m², with over 10,000 m² covered, Piuma d’Oro employs about 250 operators, including 200 seasonal workers, demonstrating its commitment to local economic growth.

Quality is at the heart of Piuma d’Oro’s philosophy. Each ingredient is carefully chosen by Quality Control, with particular attention to natural and simple raw materials. The puff pastry, a distinctive sign of the company, is the result of a perfect mix of flour, water, sugar, and butter, carefully worked to obtain a fragrant and crunchy product, unparalleled in its kind.

Piuma d’Oro’s target customers include not only Organized LargeScale Distribution and discount chains, but also wholesalers of sweets, food products, distributors, and importers, confirming its vast influence in the market. With its cutting-edge vision, Piuma d’Oro is not only a leader in the Italian market but is also achieving significant results internationally, thanks to its modern equipment.

In conclusion, Piuma d’Oro represents an Italian success story, where passion for tradition blends with an innovative spirit, creating products that not only satisfy the palate but also inspire the food industry on a global level.

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