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Internal reorganization as a challenge towards the future

What are the fundamental steps that a growing company must face in the near future? “The essential challenge to emerge and consolidate revenues is placing one’s brands on foreign markets”.

This is the response provided by Vito Lotito, Sales Manager of Tentazioni Pugliesi, a company born from Giovanni Matera’s desire to create an industrial company that fully respects the gastronomic traditions of Puglia, in a region that offers the best raw materials such as flour, extra virgin olive oil, and wine, essential for the preparation of the snacks that represent Puglia worldwide: taralli.

“To best meet the growing demand for our labels on the shelves of both national and international retail, we decided to innovate our products, while preserving their healthiness derived from the boiling and subsequent baking process. However, we optimized the dough by avoiding added yeast and creating new product variants, such as multi-grain and whole wheat taralli, which are highly appreciated by Italian and international consumers, with a continuously growing demand.

To create new solutions suitable for consumers and their tastes, we decided to innovate both internal processes and machinery: a decisive choice that allowed for the reorganization of time and workforce. Furthermore, reorganizing the team also means adopting new monitoring and lean optimization systems. That’s why we have started a process of digitization and interconnection that enables process control and constant optimization of products and overall logistics. No order is ever considered minor; it is always incorporated into the production cycles without causing disruptions or overburdening the production lines.

One word definitely encapsulates all the evolution noted in our constant growth: training. Continuous training, at all levels, enables us to tackle the challenges of everyday life and grow with confidence, with the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction and corporate well-being.

Seeing is believing: Tentazioni Pugliesi is one of the future-oriented entities that has fully embraced the challenges of the future by investing in its resources through growth paths both in terms of hu-man resources and technology.

Training, combined with the determination of the corporate management, has met the ongoing demand for quality that dominates consumer product choices, working to maintain and confirm the brand in the markets through the right blend of industrialization and the preservation of a production tied to tradition.

This includes simple recipes, top-quality ingredients, and the retention of the entire traditional taralli production process, including boiling and baking, ensuring that the taralli always taste as if they were just freshly baked.

Despite market difficulties and fluctuations, the company has maintained its market share over the years, with an impressive 11-point increase in turnover compared to the previous year. Tentazioni Pugliesi now ranks among the top players on a national level, both in terms of shelf presence and, of course, quality.

We have increased production by 13.5% compared to the previous year,” proudly stated Vito Lotito, indicating the regions in both Italy and Europe where their brand has become a permanent fixture in consumers’ homes.

Demand for private labels is also on the rise, thanks to the company’s organizational capacity to meet brand demands in terms of both time and quality competitiveness.

Through a reorganization and optimization of production phases, along with the use of local suppliers for raw materials to reduce transport cost increases, Tentazioni Pugliesi strives to maintain the right price point for consumers, preventing a destabilization of the end user’s purchasing power.

Topic: The Healthy Snack Focused on Well-being

To maintain the segment of healthy snacks, the brand “Traditional Taralli with Extra Virgin Olive Oil”, from the “Dal Forno di Giovanni Matera” line, was created: all the goodness and authenticity of taralli made according to the traditional recipe of Puglia, packaged in convenient 35-gram sachets in a practical 6-piece multipack. This is essential for facing daily life with a healthy recharge.

Ongoing studies will lead to innovations in the world of snacks by adding essential elements to achieve not only the unmistakable taste of the Puglian region but also the right energy provided by simple and natural elements that help you tackle your day with vigor and vitality.

The foundation upon which Tentazioni Pugliesi’s new product lines are based is the preservation of taste combined with the healthiness of an enriched product that can satisfy not only the palate but also the energy needs with the right vitamin and protein intake, designed to become the ideal snack for both adults and children to face the day.


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