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Welcome to the world of Secolo21, where authenticity and a passion for Sicilian flavors come to life. Located in the heart of Val di Noto, our agricultural company represents the perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

Our History:

Secolo21 was born to preserve and celebrate the natural riches of Sicily. We cultivate citrus fruits, ancient olive trees, aromatic herbs, and more, following sustainable agricultural practices.

Our Products:

Our range reflects the diversity and goodness of Sicilian flavors. From Monocultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oil to Organic Jams, from Traditional Liqueurs to Herbal Teas and Ceramic Tea Sets, each product tells the story of this land.

Authentic Taste:

Our raw materials, such as oranges and lemons, carry the warmth of the Sicilian sun in every bite. We produce without preservatives or artificial colors, preserving the authentic Sicilian taste.

Innovation and Tradition:

With Gin Zahara, we blend craftsmanship with creativity, using Mediterranean seawater and the essence of Zagara flower to craft a unique gin.

Our Mission:

Secolo21 promotes sustainability, preserving the environment, and showcasing the Sicilian territory.

Join Us:

Discover our world of flavors and traditions at Secolo21.it. Welcome to Secolo21, where every bite and every sip is a journey into authentic Sicily.


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