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Bronte Dolci is a confectionery company specializing in the production of traditional artisan sweets. It was born in 1997 from the idea and experience of three Bronte pastry chefs: Antonino Caruso and the brothers Pietro and Giuseppe Bellitto. Over the years, the company has maintained the same artisan quality as its pastry shops and has managed to export its products all over the world: from Germany to Australia, from the USA to the United Arab Emirates.

Bronte Dolci’s corporate philosophy is based on just one guiding principle: respect. Respect for tradition. Following the tradition of pastry-making and respecting the recipes handed down from the past is a fundamental rule for us. We are the guardians of a thousand-year-old culinary heritage whose roots are lost in the mists of time. We are proud to share it with the world.

Respect for the raw materials, rigorously selected and of the highest quality, the products of our Sicilian land, rich in precious fruits: from our exquisite pistachios to the delicious almonds, from the tasty hazelnuts to the sweet strawberries, from the fresh lemons to the juicy oranges.

Respect for time: preparation, rising, cooking and resting. None of these phases is left to chance, each step in our laboratory deserves the right amount of time to create memorable pistachio products.

Respect for our pastry chefs, artisans of taste and wise masters. Free to create, to innovate, to give the best of themselves in the preparation of our desserts, guided by great passion and enormous professionalism.

Respect for our customers, who deserve the best on their tables because they trust us and choose us every day, knowing that we will not disappoint them. Respect for ever more demanding palates, thanks to a production range that includes 60 products in various traditional confectionery items: nougat, panettone, brittle, Easter doves, pesti, spreadable creams, pastries and semi-finished products for the HO.RE.CA. sector.


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