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BERGADER CREMOSISSIMO: the delicious soft cheese from the mountains


The Bergader dairy farm has a history that began more then 120 years ago, in 1902, in the Alpine village of Waging am See, where Basil Weixler worked tirelessly at his little cheese factory, using milk from cows grazing on the surrounding pastureland.

The name Bergader – meaning literally “mountain vein” – encapsulates the origin of this cheese. It is a name that signifies love for nature and for the mountain tradition – two elements with which the dairy farm is inextricably intertwined.

The founding family, now in its fourth generation and still working at the company, is committed to ensuring the authentic goodness of our great-tasting dairy products.


Rolling hillsides, verdant pasture and, in the background, the breathtaking panorama of the mountains: this is the wonderful landscape of the Bavarian Prealps, where Bergader is born. Right here – on the 1,700 farms run by the local mountain farmers – is the source of the fresh milk that Bergader uses to produce its speciality cheeses.


Smooth, fragrant and delicate, Cremosissimo – in a practical, resealable, 175g crescent-shaped pack – is a soft cheese that has, as the name implies, an exceptionally “creamy” heart, contained within an edible white rind: a combination of consistencies that brings with it all the flavour of the mountain, giving you a gourmet taste experience that captures all the subtleties of the upland pastures.

Gluten-free, GMO-free and free from preservatives, this cheese meets the needs of consumers who are increasingly focused on the genuine nature of products. Moreover, thanks to the use of microbial rennet, it is suitable for vegetarians.

All the quality, aroma and taste of the cheese is captured in the new crescent-shaped pack, which is stylish, resealable and ideal for maintaining the freshness of the product.


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