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Stefania Calugi srl

A myriad of ideas and proposals for the company that exports fresh truffles and truffle products in 30 different countries worldwide. The creativity and innovation of Calugi S.r.l.’s new lines.

Creativity, the search for wonder, innovation and a profound knowledge of such a precious tuber as the truffle, can all be found in the new lines of Calugi S.r.l., the food company located in Catelfiorentino, in the province of Florence, that processes truffle products. Stefania Calugi, the founder of the company, who also gives her name to the main line of products, comes from a family of truffle hunters.

With the strength of tradition in her history, she began working with her truffle-hunter father before setting up her own family-run business in 1987. The search for creativity, the experimenting of truffles in new recipes, and the use of innovative instruments are the underlying strength of this company that is now launching other easy-to-use lines on the market. The new elegant and intriguing packaging will be opening spring 2021.

There is a desire for change, a common feeling in this period filled with social, economic, health and cultural chaos. Our “truffle petals” capsule becomes a trio of “Encounters, Desires, and Unity”. Strong names that evoke the yearning for conviviality and the hope of soon being able to gather with loved ones again and discover new life experiences. A play of warmth and taste accompanies the new references to be enjoyed with both first and second courses, but also with desserts and puddings.

“Everything started with the fresh truffle, the star, Stefania Calugi’s passion and her source of inspiration”.

The lines include:

-Classic for retail and the HO.RE.CA-food service line

-Linea Bio (Organic Line)

-Line for industry

– Innovative products: aperitartufo, truffle masters, truffle petals, keep following us, other new products are ready to be added to your pantry.

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Via A. Cerbioni, 38 - 50051 - Castelfiorentino (FI) - Italy