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Flavours From Distant Lands We Know Closely

November 19, 2020

The world of spices is fascinating, certainly, but also complex.
SIDEA has just celebrated its first 70 years of business. Since the beginning – in the distant 1948 – SIDEA has distinguishing itself as a highly specialized business in importing, processing and selling spices and herbs, seeds, dehydrated vegetables, natural aromas, saffron, and precious salts.

The company also produces a great number of blends, including customized ones, and flavourings, always starting from the grinding and blending of raw materials on site. The brand line assigned to the food service industry is “L’impero del Sole”, but SIDEA also provides private label products.

The company is located in San Martino di Lupari, Padua, in the Venetian inland that has collected the commercial traditions of the Serenissima Republic, but also its mularomas ticultural heritage. Spices – one of the first goods of the international trade – have become again excellent products for our tables. Moreover, the increasing awareness of the consumers about natural diet, alternative nutrition, and well-being has increased the diffusion and the use of spices together with a strong cultural curiosity.

What does Total Quality mean for SIDEA?
It means to select suppliers carefully, to process raw materials with experience and attention, and to apply the artisan expertise to direct processes, combining traditional methods with modern technologies, such as the cryogenic grinding. Total Quality also means to improve safety and protection of products, to create always-new blends and special formulas, to propose to the different segments of the market a huge range of references and packaging, and our personal commitment as a guarantee for the pre- and post-sales services.

This year SIDEA has obtained the FSSC22000 for the food safety, a new certification to add to its quality system.


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