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Vecchia Brianza Chocolab Srl

Since 1969 we work with passion and commitment for the realization of a various range of high quality products that have enabled us to become an artisan reality of the highest level, that can meet the most varied demands of the market thanks to a team constantly updated and improved. The use of selected raw materials and the total absence of any kind of surrogate, vegetable fats or hydrogenated fats gives our products a level of quality that aims increasingly to guarantee satisfaction and refinement. All this has helped us to be known and appreciate not only in Italy but also abroad for our unique way to interpreting the concept of “chocolate”. From the imagination of our Master Chocolatier comes a production that can satisfy even the most discerning palates, without neglecting the most modern techniques of preparations. SHOES, HANDBAGS, FASHION ACCESSORIES. PLAY ARTS AND HANDCRAFTS CREATION. ARTISTIC ORIGINAL CREATION CONSTRUCTION OF A WIDE RANGE OF EVERYDAY OBJECT EVERYTHING MADE IN CHOCOLATE  The Vecchia Brianza Chocolab activity is famous for its high quality and the refinement of its products, addressing to commercial international partners interested in expanding their business with our exclusive products. Our production standards give to distributors and wholesalers the certainty to offer their clients an unique and inimitable product of high quality, following both tradition and innovation. Our purpose is to offer a real commercial opportunity to those who are interested in expanding their products’ catalogue and to add value to their business, by working with our reliable reality or simply want to buy and enjoy something that produces moments of ecstasy!

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