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– Paris – 18/22 October 2022 www.sialparis.fr The world’s largest food innovation exhibition SIAL Paris highlights 20 sectors in the global food industry. Retailers, agri-food manufacturers, foodservice professionals… This is a unique opportunity to share your views with other agri-food players, develop new markets and raise your global profile. Professionals from distribution represent about half of the exhibition visitors The food industries will be at the show as well as foodservice professionals. Importers/exporters, wholesalers, traders/dealers, central purchasing groups, medium- and large-scale retail stores, hard discount stores, retail trade, gourmet food stores, wine merchants – professional distributors represent more than half of all SIAL visitors. Don’t miss this opportunity to formalise contracts, get your products listed and book new orders. Some 70% of SIAL visitors are involved in the industry’s purchasing process. Today, the food industry is one of the most dynamic in the majority of G20 countries. Building on new growth drivers and rising to the challenges on the road ahead, everyone in the food industry will find a launch pad for their ambitions in Paris. Extras on site? A unique platform to test the market, launch a product, raise awareness or meet peers, and also many services and a 360° product offer. Over 5 days, the largest global food community will have access to the broadest selection: from ingredients to vegetables, from wines & spirits to alcohol-free beverages, from seafood products to meat, gourmet foods, dairy and deli products and much, much more. This diversity will also be reflected in the profile of exhibitors and visitors. Over 70% of visitors will come from overseas, and up to 85% of exhibitors (for a total of 105 countries represented). So start getting ready today! SIAL Paris will help you see further, broadening your horizon. At the heart of these projections lies the question on everyone’s lips: how can we conciliate the pleasure expectations and health requirements of over 9 billion people by 2050, whilst protecting our planet and ensuring sustainable development for everyone? To find suitable answers to these huge issues, in 2016 SIAL Paris is hosting a series of conferences and TV programmes around the theme of revolution, with 5 key directions: products, how to buy, how to process, how to eat and how to take action. Stay connected to get the most from these sources of inspiration!

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