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Panela (SANEBONTÀ – G.T.C. S.R.L.)

The success of Panela places the company in a leading position among the organizations that promote a culture of healthy eating. In the 90s the theories according to which nutrition plays a key role in the welfare of the body are growing consensus and GTC decides to take a leading position. The organic certification obtained in 1994 by Bioagricoop (now Bioagricert) was a key step in this process. To go ahead with the project GTC started the research and development of new products that reflected the principles of nutritional completeness, in compliance with the original values of Panela. In fact, the nutritional value of a product is inseparably linked to its homeland and to the knowledge and traditions of the people who discovered it. During these years, in the seat in Pontenure (PC), we have built a pasta factory to produce a Pasta that could respect the most ancient Italian tradition. So we added to the section of the sugars, a sector in which the company is specialized since its birth, products such as crackers, gomasio, honey and shortbread cookies. During the last years, in order to characterize our product lines, we also created the brand Sane Bontà.

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