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Fratelli Castellino Srl

Located at the foot of the Maritime Alps in the province of Cuneo, Fratelli Castellino has been processing chestnuts, marroni chestnuts and other products that are typical of the area on and around the foot of the mountains for 25 years, making it one of the leading companies in its sector. Products are processed and stored using the ORGANIC FARMING PROVINCE OF CUNEO QUALITY AND ITALIEN Chestnuts Marrons CHESTNUT Monregalesi IN THE PROVINCE OF CUNEO PROCESSING OF CHESTNUT MARKETING OF CHESTNUT WORKING BROWNmost advanced machinery and systems which are subject to constant innovation and which guarantee, in accordance with health and hygiene legislation, high quality production of finished goods (chestnuts, marroni chestnuts, etc) as well as semi-finished goods for industry (flour, grain, dried chestnuts, frozen purée, etc).

In addition, Fratelli Castellino is also able to supply Organic products, which have been certified in accordance with Regulation EC 834/2007.
Processing and marketing: • fresh chestnuts and Italian marroni chestnuts • fruits of the forest (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, white and red currants, plums and cherries). Production and processing of semi-finished goods for industry: • dried chestnuts; • chopped chestnuts; • chestnut flakes; • chestnut flour; • frozen chestnut and marroni chestnut purée; • organic products.
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