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Cioccolato Peyrano Srl

PEYRANO, THE GREAT HISTORY OF A “SWEET” FAMILY   Peyrano, established in 1915 by Antonio Peyrano in Corso Moncalieri, 47, where it still is today, is a family-run business specialised in the production of chocolate, fruit jellies and confectionery. From 1920 onwards, the company began to regularly supply the Italian royal family. The business activity slowed down during World War II, mainly due to a shortage of raw materials.   Despite repeated American bombing in the surrounding area, the factory miraculously remained standing. After the war, in the 1950s, Italy experienced a period of strong economic growth. In 1962, the company took over the Pfatisch confectionery of Turin. It gradually became increasingly appreciated by personalities in the world of culture, entertainment and by entrepreneurs, as well as by royals of other countries and politicians from all over the world. The union between chocolate and design was consolidated in the 1990s, when the packs were entrusted to the creative skills of leading designers, each of them processing diff erent materials: Ettore Sottsass (wood), Alessandro Mendini (steel, produced in a joint venture with Alessi), Riccardo Dalisi (ceramics), David Palterer (crystal), Lino Sabatini (glass and silver coating) and others. In 2002, Giorgio and Bruna Peyrano sold the company, yet their nostalgia and sense of tradition were so great that they decided to repurchase it in 2011. Today, the Peyrano brand is managed by Giorgio and Bruna Peyrano, assisted by their grandchildren, Anna and Giovanni. Unlike most other companies in this sector in Italy, all stages of chocolate processing start off  from the raw material, cocoa beans, which Giorgio Peyrano transforms using an artistic technique as ancient as the generations of his family.

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