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Cioccolato Marangoni

Traditional methods and creativity in chocolate processing

Tradition, passion, quality: these are the quintessential ingredients of Marangoni Cioccolato. All of our delicacies are prepared by the skilled hands of the Marangoni Family: chocolatiers of handmade chocolate for over thirty years with meticulous attention to the quality of the raw materials and a masterful dexterity along the entire production cycle.

These traditional methods are joined with creativity and an ongoing search for novel flavours and combinations to make Marangoni delicacies unique; and evoke stunning feelings, nibble after luscious nibble. Mediterranean fruit is infused in a delicate note of alcohol and forms a luxurious mélange with fine dark chocolate of supreme intensity. Italian grains are sweetly mingled with chocolate to become luscious slices of delight.

The rarest origins of chocolate is enhanced with exotic flavours and scents such as tobacco, mint, rose petals or violets to conjure singular and enchanting blends. All products are hand wrapped in coloured tissue paper and packed into elegant gift boxes, which combine pure aesthetic pleasure with timeless tradition. Delve into a delectable world where the art of Made in Italy is entwined with the scents of faraway lands.

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