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Your Flour Since 1929

November 19, 2020

Since 1929 Molino Magri have been taking care of the production of special flours and mixes for bakery, confectionery, pizza-making and industry.
PIZZAPLUS is a line of flours and mixes that allow the production of one of the most worldwide loved products from the Italian cuisine: pizza.
This range of products allows to realise different kinds of pizza and focaccia with great simplicity and precision. This range is the result of years of research, elaborated and perfected trough time by our technical team at Molino Magri.

All flours are obtained by milling the best Italian and European wheats selected to suit the different processing types.
Crockizza is a family of semi-processed products that contain a low-refined flour mix of common wheat selected amongst the best varieties on the market, combined with sourdough for natural and aromatic rising types.

They lead to easy-to-work, high hydration doughs that grant crispy products, with well-developed holes, that are hearty, highly digestible, rich in fibre and mineral salts.
Crockizza is available in 4 versions for deep-pan and on peel pizzas that are crispy and light, designed to enhance any type of combinations ranging from delicate to rustic flavours, and to satisfy even the most demanding foodies.

Semi-processed product made with Strong bread flour, rice flour, sourdough and toasted soy (rising time 16/24 hours).
Mix of low-refined Type “1” com-mon wheat flour, rice semolina and toasted soy with a high ab-sorption power (the mix absorbs more than 80% water).
Natural rising with sourdough in the mixture. It is ideal for the pro-duction of a well-aired, crispy and light “alla romana” pizza with a delicate taste, ideal to enhance its topping and flavour.

Semi-processed product made with low-refined Strong bread flour, mixed seeds and cereals (rising time 16/24 hours).
Mix of Type “1” common wheat flour, rice semolina, sunflower seeds, linseeds, sesame seeds, wholemeal rye flour, dehydrated sourdough and toasted soy flour. It is ideal for the production of well-aired and crispy “alla romana” piz-za rich in fibre, aromatic and tasty.
It is ideal for the production of well-aired and crispy wholemeal “alla romana” pizza rich in fibre, aro-matic and tasty.

Semi-processed product made with low-refined wholemeal flour (rising time 16/24 hours)
Mix of wholemeal common wheat flour with wheat germ and pieces, dehydrated sourdough.


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