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Staff Ice System Srl

STAFF ICE SYSTEM: SINCE 56 YEARS THE ICE EXPERTS   Born in 1959, Staff  Ice System has always been the focus on the market for the ice makers; to this production in 1984 we added the ice cream and pastry machines production. With six lines of products and thirty-two models (manual and automatic extraction batch-freezers, multi-function machines good for warm and cold mixes, pasteurizers and ageing vats), Staff  Ice System is able to satisfy all the requests of the Artisan Gelato Parlour, of pastry and modern catering. To the great passion of the pioneer, Antonio Gessaroli, we can add the manager skills of the two sons Stefano and Massimo, and their purpose to answer the trade needs with innovative, reliable and quality solutions. Innovative technology The constant investment in research and development, design, and search for the most actual look, always with a special consideration for the environment respect, have always been the main features of the Staff  Ice System philosophy. Operating and food safety, as well as the energy saving, are the focus of all designs. It is not by chance that in Staff  labs in collaboration with Toshiba we use the Inverter Technology, and developed a special density control, that allows the operator to choose the best density, but most of all to work on the overrun, thereby regulating the agitator speed to obtain ice-creams and semifreddo (frozen desserts) with diff erent overrun. Quality without compromise Easy to use in its standard functions, each machine of Staff ’s range is for the gelato maker, the pastry chef and the caterer a huge resource: the perfect integration between basic electronics and the Inverter enables you to obtain any kind of mix, as made by hand.

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