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In the early 1940s, Romeo Bagnoli earned himself a reputation as a maker of fine ice-creams in his dairy and ice-cream parlour in Empoli, Tuscany. He used the very best milk from a nearby farm called Sammontana to make it taste so good and in the end, the farm gave its name to the ice-cream parlour and the company that grew out of it. In the spring of 1948, his eldest son, Renzo, transformed the small parlour into a veritable ice-cream workshop. From this began the story of a company that is now one of the most important in the Italian ice-cream market. A story of far-sighted and cutting-edge choices; from the purchase of new machinery from abroad and the building of close relationships with vendors to, most importantly, the innovative idea to put refrigerated ice-cream display cabinets in cafes, the first company to do so. In 1970, the Barattolino “family-size” tub was born. It was a revolution in the Italian ice-cream market: for the first time, economy-sized tubs of soft and creamy “mantecato”ice-cream entered Italian homes. By the early 1980s, the Sammontana brand was nationwide. Today, the Empoli-based company is Italy’s largest domestic ice-cream manufacturer. An achievement made possible through its ongoing commitment to creating ice-creams that remain faithful to classic Italian tastes while ensuring the highest standards of quality. This is the recipe of success behind products such as the BarattolinoCoppa OroPrezzemolo and Cono Cinque Stelle, ice-creams that create both excitement and passion in Italians.

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