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Salumificio San Carlo S.P.A.

San Carlo salumi are the best choice when you are looking for a traditional taste: coppe, pancette and salami, made like they used to be, following the typical recipes of Piacenza hills. Salumificio San Carlo has been present for over thirty years among the producers in the Piacenza area; it’s located in Ziano, on the hills of the Tidone Valley, and since the beginning it has focused its production on the salumi from this territory. At San Carlo we combine the good taste of typical products with a strong commitment to foodstuffs safety issues; this commitment involves all company activities, from the selection of raw materials to production technologies, to staff training. For a number of years, the company has been pursuing a Quality & Safety policy for its products in order to assure consumers with the value of the brand San Carlo: thanks to this, you can savour in every slice our pursue of Quality. Moreover, our products are gluten-free: our Salumi Piacentini Dop, in particular, are present in the handbook of the Italian Association of Coeliac Disease; in addition to this, the dop products do not contain milk proteins nor lactose, and are therefore suitable to those who are intolerant to these elements: this is true for most of our products, please contact us to find out more! In order to guarantee that our salumi acquire all the flavor of the good old times, we have cellars dedicated to their maturing, where the products rest to develop the typical aroma and taste of a long curing period. Following the tradition of our territory, we refine in our cellars the most valuable products, selected and followed with passion by our artisans and slowly brought to maturation in an environment where the history of salumi from Emilia is perpetuated. The secret of our flavor lies in the slow maturation!

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