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Salumificio Peveri Carlo S.A.S

About us The Salumificio Peveri  Carlo,is a family business which produces high quality salumi  using only genuine wholesome meat,selecting all the products used with meticulous care. We pay great attention to details in the presentation and packaging of all our salumi to satisfy the most demanding customers both in Italy and abroad. Tradition,passion and moral values have led the Peveri family for four generations to be among the best producers of salume in the”Italian Food Valley” We strive to delight the palate with high quality products. Family policy Tradition and family values have  brought  us where we are today. We produce salume as we would make for ourselves; in  a humble and unassuming  way with  love and a great passion for our work. The meticulous selection of the meat and the careful use of the ingredients used have enabled us to reach very rewarding results under the aspect of both the quality and the flavour of all our salumi Our aim is to delight the palate by offering our customers  genuine wholesome products. Our history At the end of the 1800’s the Peveri family came to live in Chaiaravalle Alseno to work on the land belonging to the Chiaravalle Della Colomba  Abbey. Remo, the founder of the family as an adolescent learned the trade of salume making in a well known salumificio in Milan. In 1920 he started his own business in Stradella  in the province of Pavia, but returned to Chiaravalle at the beginning of the second world war. He worked as a travelling butcher between 1930 and 1940. He made his reputation during the first years of the war becoming well known and greatly valued. His young son Carlo was always at his side learning all about meat and its processing. In 1952 Carlo opened a salumificio in the Commenda Palace in  Chiaravalle della Colomba. With great love and passion for his work he expanded his business till in 2009 he achieved his ambition by opening the new and elegant “Salumificio  Peveri”, close to famous Cistercian Abbey. Today these premises include the production area, the logistic base, the workshop,the sales office,an area dedicated to the selection of meat, the packaging area and the beautiful family store for retail sales. We are very proud of our showroom reserved for our visitors and lovers of good food, but we take particular pride in our traditional underground cellar. Production This art has been handed down through the centuries, it is made up of tradition and love for our homeland. We work to produce true “gems”of local salume. Delicious unique wholesome products with a high nutritional value. All our salume are home made by expert hands respecting the local traditions in the quest of quality and refined taste. All our products are eco  friendly. We pay great attention to the environment and its sustainability. Furthermore the health and welfare of all our staff is our top priority.

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