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Piuma D’oro Srl

NOT JUST GOOD BISCUITS A timeless authentic tradition. The secret of Piuma d’Oro’s success? Still able to produce chiacchiere biscuits just as good and authentic as the original ones, after 50 years. The Treviglio based business, Italian and European leader in this particular production, is celebrating this prestigious goal in good health: after closing 2013 with a turnover worth 4,5 million Euro, it is due to touch the 6 million mark this year. “ The turnover is a sign of the goodness, in all senses of the word, of our work – explains managing director Federico Pizzoccheri – .

We have worked well, not only commercially speaking but above all we were able to garantee a product made on an industrial scale but with a home-made quality”. Founded by Fausto Pizzoccheri and his wife Maria Scolari, parents of Federico and Fulvio (manager of the part dealing with design and construction of the industrial installations), Piuma d’Oro succeeded in specializing, passing from an allround food production to focus on chiacchiere. “We chose this product because it enabled us to differentiate and also because it was increasingly on demand by consumers – points out Federico Pizzoccheri -, in fact once upon a time, typically traditional cakes and biscuits, like the chiacchiere, were made at home. Whilst now one seeks a ready-made product, easily bought at the supermarket but conserving the taste of home-made chiacchiere: Piuma d’Oro provides the best answers to this need”.

But the corporate concept remains unchanged: keep to the original recipes and adapt them to the cutting edge production systems. “We do not stoop to compromise when it comes to quality, Piuma d’Oro produces on sale to guarantee a product always arriving fresh on the market.”. Federico Pizzoccheri’s most grateful thought is dedicated to his father Fausto:” Upon making his decision to retire, he placed full confidence in me and my brother, enabling us to develop the business according to our convinctions. Not anyone would do this, business have often been lost altogether precisely due to unsuccesfull generational changes. But we have treasured what we learnt from him and the artisanal concept, making Piuma d’Oro what it is today.

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