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Nino Castiglione Srl

Canned tuna: Sicilian tradition meets industrial innovation The company Nino Castiglione was selected by the most important Italian food distribution chains for its professionalism and efficiency as a supplier of canned tuna. Today, with an annual output of 100 million units, they are the leader in the Italian private label market. The company, which was operating since 1933 is a prestigious industrial reality, with modern plants, advanced production facilities, laboratories for quality control, packaging lines and excellent logistics. Tuna processing inside the plant is performed exclusively by local workers (200 employees). The company has developed in an environment which has always focused on tuna fishing, producing according to ancient Sicilian traditions. The entire production process, from raw material to packaging, is fully traceable and certified: they are able to provide information about the type and tuna used, the fishing area and the method of capture. Traceability is a fundamental principle of another corporate value: sustainability. Sensitive to the preservation of the marine system, Nino Castiglione is a member of the dolphin safe program which guarantees to protect dolphins through selective fishing. It also adheres to the Friend of the Sea project, that assures the use of mature specimen only, weighting more than 15 kg and coming from non-overfished basins. The company is present in the Italian market under brand names Auriga and San Cusumano, expressing all the experience and the quality acquired in 80 years of activity. The Auriga line, the one which is the hallmark of Sicilian cuisine, offers a vast range of products encompassing various weights and packaging sizes. The San Cusumano line, which includes tuna and glass jars, belly meat, mackerel, salmon, Alaska pollack, sardines and tuna eggs, offers a full range of products able to satisfy, for variety and versatility of formats, even the most demanding consumer.

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