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Mr Sweet

Mr Sweet is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing chocolate, candies and food supplement factory in Italy. Its headquarters are near Milan and, besides producing for the most prestigious European companies, it boasts its own lines. In chocolate, One Emotion represents a real Italian excellence, with his Luxury Chocolate line, made of artisan chocolate and rare raw materials. Dragées, Pralines, Chocolate Bars with refined and unique taste. Pills, fruit jelly and sugared almonds , traditional or with chocolate, complete the line. In Food Supplement, various are Luca Alabrese’s, owner and CEO, most explosive and original ideas he personally created and launched on the market. Model’s Secret, available in three different flavors (lemon, strawberry, spearmint) , is a beauty gum. It contains collagen, hyaluronic acid and B Vitamins in high proportions. It is obviously sugar free! Limitless is an energy gum able to give you motivation, focus, mental clarity, memory and energy. With Ginkgo Biloba and Caffeine It is your brain booster! Talking about Re-power gum line, it is composed by phytotherapeutic and homeopathic elements and it is designed There is then Vit Gum Line, a food supplement line focused on the benefits of vitamins and it is divided into three different types of product: Vitamin B, Vitamin C and a Multivitaminic. LubDub, the newest idea of our CEO, with its delicious red fruits flavor is a chewing gum made up of different natural components and it can help and support your cardiovascular health. We only use natural ingredients and all our lines are sugar free. At the moment we are on the most prestigious markets, like the United Arab Emirates, in cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrein etc. Pricewise we are sure to be particularly competitive, especially if compared to current competitors in high-end chocolate and food supplement articles.

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