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Is a family company, who’s always been into the “oil world”. 

It all started with a family oil mill situated in Umbria and established in 1890 by Raniero Matticari. 

Then, in 1997, Giuseppe (CEO), his grandson, stared specialized the business into vegetable oils, organic and vegan certified, encouraged by his focus and passion. 


We now offer a range of 30 varieties of oils, whose have been cold extracted from fruits and seeds, such as: flaxseed (virgin, deodorized, also flavored with lemon and orange), sunflower (virgin,deodorized) safflower, wok, canola, sesame (virgin and roasted), corn, argan, hempseed, avocado, coconut (virgin, deodorized, also flavored with curcuma), sacha inchi, pumpkin (virgin and roasted), rice, grapeseed, camelina and the two blends of omega 3•6 and 3•6•9 along with the classic extra virgin olive oil from various agricultures and also flavored with lemon, chili and truffle. Moreover, to complete our catalogue we offer: white wine, red wine, pomegranate, apple and balsamic from Modena vinegars. Shoyu and Tamari soya sauces and seeds like: flaxseed, chia, pumpkin, sunflower, sesame and mix for salads.

In 2017 we established the Crudolio GmbH in Germany to expand the distribution of Crudolio brand in the country. Nowadays we count many sales points. Indeed, we just launch the new project of 100 ml handle-bottle oils, which gathers 23 different types of oils and sauces. 

Starting from 2019 we import from Sri Lanka organic coconut milk, together with oils previously cited, in order to enlarge the range of traced products. 

Every item is certified organic and obtained exclusively by physical means without the use of solvents.

A wide range of retail products with their own brands Crudolio and Yes Organic, are also available for private labels. 

In 2019 we upgraded in our production plant and packaging, with an investment in the industry 4.0, which lead us to improve our manufacturing capacity from 20.000 bottles/day to 100.000 bottles/day. Thanks to 16 new stainless steel tanks we can guarantee that every step in the production is exclusively dedicated to organic, with an effective quality control system which take care of the traceability and certification of all production cycle.

Due to this innovation we had the chance to work with new important clients.

Joe & Co., our company, ensures product safety, through strict certifications like CCPB, Vegan OK, IFS, Kosher.

Throughout these years the company had the chance to take part to some sectorial competitions and thanks to the ideas of our marketing & quality colleagues the company won:

  • 2016, Innovation of the year with “Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with White Truffle Aroma”
  • 2017, Innovation of the year with “Organic Omega 3•6•9 blend”
  • 2018, Product of the year with “Organic Mix for salads seeds”
  • 2019, Innovation of the year with “Organic coconut and curcuma extra virgin oil”.

Started from the end of 2018 we refurbished the graphic of our Crudolio labels, to let the customer to get better the informations and utilization of our healthy oils. Also the brand doesn’t appear no more encaged with the under draw square, but is free and attractive.

Afterwards, also one of our brand, Yes Organic, incurred in a restyle of the logo, that result better at our major clients, since it appear clear, distinctive and recognizable. 

From 2020 we decided to invest in the digital sector, renovating at first our websites  ( www.crudolio.itwww.yesorganic.it / www.joeandco.it ) as there was the necessity to completely modernized the communications with customers and clients, started from the products’ description, to add a page dedicated to the recipes. 

Last but not the least, during the covid-19, when our company was fortunately still working, we understood we could give something concrete to our clients. Some of them were unable to work due to the lockdown and once reopened they must adapt their businesses to the new hygiene-laws. We reply with the new line of single-doses for the Ho.Re.Ca. industries. Three items have been develop: Extra Virgin Olive Oil (10 ml) , White Wine Vinegar and Balsamic Vinegar From Modena I.G.P. (5 ml). 

We will continue to lend our ear to clients, always, as they are part of the company, together with our team. 

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