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Gallotti Salumi S.R.L.

In Pavia born the quality of Gallotti’s products. The company was founded by Attilio Gallotti in 1950 and started its activity commercializing cured meats and cheeses in a small store in Albuzzano(Italy). Between the late 80s and the beginning of 90s the Gallotti family started with the production of full range of bagged and uncured meats with high quality and rich taste, such as homemade Italian sausage, sweet farmhouse verzata, super Luganega flavoured, Groppino sausage and also a full range of bagged products to be cooked with a country and traditional taste, such as zampone and cotechino. In the early 2000s the Gallotti’s third generation introduced in addition to handicraft, such as Albuzzano’s salami or Farmer’s salami (a crafts salami made with quality raw materials and with binding hand) technological innovations, modern installations and distribution systems updated according to nutritional needs of today. Because of the spread of different food intolerance, the product’s genuineness becomes of crucial importance. According to this, Gallotti Salumi specializes in the production of full range of Gluten-free products until to obtain on the 1th March 2012 the AIC certification.. The relationship between tradition and technology, quality and product freshness, is pushing this small company to look to the future. The selection of specialized and professional staff, the choice to have high technology and an auto-control system (HACCP), guarantee safe and devotionduring all productive processes to pay attention to final customer. Today the Gallotti Salumi company continues to invest in technology and quality to try to bring the salami made in Albuzzano also on the foreign market with use of quality raw materials made in Italy. Thanks to the passion and desire to grow the Gallotti Salumi’s products continue to be a guarantee of quality and made in Italy.

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