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Galletti di Galletti Aurelio e C. snc

The Company Galletti boasts the claim of OLD ARTISAN-VINEGAR FACTORY SINCE 1871, as it has been producing wine-vinegar for 5 generations.

The founder Francesco Galletti moved from Modena to the surroundings of Cremona; there he started a food & rest point activity, both for the small village of San Daniele Po and for anyone passing on barges the Po river.

He exchanged typical products of Cremona with dressed pork products from Parma and wines from Modena.

Beside to these activities, he started the production of vinegar.

Our lands, unsuitable for the cultivation of vines, give low-gradation wines that are easy to deplete and alter, but suitable for transformation into vinegar.

In this way, in 1871, the “Old Vinegar Factory” was born.

Since 1871 the Galletti family has continued its activity with the same passion and self-sacrifice as ever, creating its products with innovative and cutting-edge technologies, respecting a consolidated tradition and affirmed by a solid reputation.

For the Galletti family it is essential to guarantee both the quality and the roots of its products in the territory and, to achieve this standard, during the supplying phase all raw materials are rigorously checked and traced.

In addition, each production process is verified and analyzed by our internal laboratory, in order to monitor and limit the use of additives and preservatives as much as possible.

To meet the various ethical, health and religious needs, our products comply with a wide range of certifications:

– Production process: IFS / BRC;
– For the American market: FDA;
– For the KOSHER market;
– For the HALAL market;
– For the Swiss market: BIO-SUISSE ORGANIC;
– For feed: GMP +

We resume our philosophy in three fundamental values:

The production site of San Daniele Po has been the seat of Galletti Snc since 1871.

However, over the years the Galletti Company has grown, going from one to three plants: two in San Daniele Po and one in Modena.

The first is dedicated to the production of wine vinegar, flavored vinegars, apple vinegar and dressings. The Modena cellar is dedicated to the production of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP and Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP.

A company that has been working for over 140 years bases its historicity not only on the value of people, but also on the quality of well-known and well-appreciated products.

We are able to offer our customers a full range of conventional and organic products.

Wine vinegar is certainly the best known type; we produce it according to a consolidated tradition, from selected and quality Italian wines.

From the juice of fine Italian apples we then present the apple vinegar, a product tolerated even by those consumers who do not like wine vinegar, but more delicate dressings.

One product that we are certainly very proud of is rice vinegar, we are the only European producers.

Its soft and delicate taste has a slight flavor that allows you to limit the abuse of salt in the kitchen; its oriental heritage makes it suitable for raw fish preparations and salads.

Finally, a special mention deserves the malt vinegar, particularly appreciated by consumers in northern Europe. Its strong and full-bodied taste makes it very suitable for flavoring grilled meat, cooked vegetables and even French fries.

The range is then enriched by lemon juice and finally by our pickled vegetables: Borettane onions, Artichokes Roman Style and an Mixed Vegetables, produced with freshly picked vegetables and processed according to strict quality criteria.

Finally, in the last ten years, alongside the production of vinegar, the Galletti company has started the production of extracts and syrups of malt and other cereals for industrial use.

Inside the Modena cellar we produce the renowned Modenese dressing.

For Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP we use a lot of passion and simple rules: good aged wine vinegar, cooked must from the typical area and adequate times of maturation in the wood. The Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP, an Italian product now spread worldwide, has conquered a large part of gourmets both for its use as a seasoning and as an ingredient in cooking preparations.

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP is intended for those consumers who love refined tastes and the most sought-after products. Obtained from the fermentation of the grape must grown in the province of Modena, cooked over direct heat in open jars. Aging lasts at least 12 years, through decanting into barrels of different sizes and wood. Ideal to enrich the flavor of traditional dishes such as fresh tortelli or elaborate risotto.

From the combination of cooked grape must and Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI we have created the MODENACREM line, also available in flavored version with apple (with apple juice) and strawberry (with strawberry juice).

New flavorings are being studied which will be ready soon.

Finally, among our products we also find the Gold of Modena.

Obtained from the combination of high-grade white wine vinegar and Trebbiano grape must, it has a more sweet and sour taste and an intense fruity note; suitable ingredient for the typical preparations of Anglo-Saxon and Far Eastern kitchen.

Vinegar market is characterized by a strong maturity level and a confused and chaotic product offer.

The quality is not always perceived due to increasingly aggressive price policies that discredit the real value of the finished product.

For this reason, the Galletti company decided to focus on its attention on a range of products with high added value and made with Italian and selected raw materials.
We have chosen, for this line, a bottle with a simple but elegant shape and able to enhances its content.

The Galletti Gourmet line is aimed at a demanding consumer, competent and attentive to their health and well-being. The choice to include some biological references in the assortment is therefore not accidental.

The range consists of high-grade vinegars and organic products: WHITE WINE VINEGAR acidity 7.2%, RED WINE VINEGAR acidity 7.2%, GOLD OF MODENA acidity 5%, BALSAMIC VINEGAR OF MODENA IGP, ORGANIC APPLE VINEGAR acidity 5% ORGANIC NON-FILTERED APPLE VINEGAR acidity 5%, ORGANIC RICE VINEGAR acidity 5%.

Our products are available both for household use: 250/500/1000ml glass bottle, and in the size for industrial use (5/25 / 250LT tanks, 1000LT Mini-container and tanker). In this way we are able to reach a varied clientele in different sectors: GDO, Food Industry, Wholesalers and Food Service.

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