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Ours is a pig-carving and processing company founded by Giuseppe and Bernardina in 1989. Mr Giuseppe initially ran a small pig farm with his wife’s help and, in wintertime, he provided customers with a full service, slaughtering their animals and producing with their meat various types of cold cuts, typical of the Venetian tradition. The company was born as a family business and retains its peculiar characteristics. Respect for animal welfare, absolute pursuit of quality, seriousness, fairness and transparency are the core values of the Guerriero family.
In the territory of the triveneto the slaughterhouse F.lli Guerriero, in terms of volumes, represents perhaps the most important plant. The slaughtered and processed meat comes from pigs born and reared in Italy. Over time, it has been able to set a good example for the slaughtering industry at national level.
With the establishment of the factory, the company has increased both the range of products offered to its customers and its production capacity. The plants and machinery used at the production level are of absolute excellence and technologically advanced, without losing the tradition and allowing the company to satisfy different customers’ needs.
The raw material is of utmost importance for our company. All the breeders who collaborate with us must adapt to the rules concerning the feeding, standardized in function to the obtaining of alwaysequal meats and quality sausages. The traceability of meat is 100% guaranteed by ISO 22005:2008,
an international reference document for the certification of traceability systems in food and agriculture sectors.

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