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Delizia S.P.A.

Delizia founded by Giovanni d’Ambruoso

Behind every business, large or small it may be, there is the story of a man, his experiences, his passions and his values. Behind DELIZIA SPA, there is the story of Giovanni D’Ambruoso, born into a family of farmers living in the countryside of Apulian Murgia hills, in the area between Noci and Mottola, where nature is characterized by the landscape of fields, whose colors change with the seasons, outlined by dry stone walls and interspersed with roads and cattle tracks shaded by ancient oaks.

It’s in this environment that ripens his intuition to turning milk into genuine and delicious products that he is used to eating at home. So in 1982, he starts his experience as wholesaler in order to become acquainted with the market and soon his sales network becomes larger and larger. After 10 years travelling around and thanks to the experience and knowledge acquired, he founded in 1992 the Dairy D’Ambruoso. The company soon conquered a prestigious position in the production of mozzarella and genuine products, more and more appreciated by the market for their excellent quality, much to dictate the need for larger and larger spaces. In 2010 the Caseificio D’Ambruoso becomes Delizia spa with a new high-tech and modern factory which covers an area of 6.500 smq.

Our philosophy

The quality of the raw material

Our philosophy concept is based on the quality of the raw material. We work exclusively raw milk daily collected from Apulian farms. We select one by one our suppliers for the quality of their production and the richness of the pastures.

The mix of the artisan tradition, thanks to the old method of production using whey, and the use of modern technologies, which guarantees daily checks to maintain high standards of quality, has enabled the achievement of a prestigious position for the production of mozzarella, burrata and other dairy products under the brand Deliziosa. Our commitment is to maintain high quality standards. Our laboratory, together with expert professionals, performs daily checks of the entire production process to ensure compliance with the protocols of certification. Thanks to computerized procedures we are able to provide consumers with a product daily processed and distributed by a modern and extensive distribution network able to ensure absolute freshness.

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