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Today, Colavita is one of the few international brands in the oil sector, present in almost 70 countries worldwide and recognised in many of these (USA, Canada, Australia and South America) as market leader in the 100% Italian oil segment. This is the history of a growing company, which continues to expand today with the third generation of the family at the helm. From the early days 75 years ago, Colavita has continued to evolve in pursuit of new markets and new opportunities, while continuing to nurture its roots in Italian culture and tradition. Our mission is to share our love and passion for olive oil, offer a superior-quality 100% Italian product with an unmistakable flavour and to export and promote the culture of olive oil throughout the world. In addition to exporting its products, Colavita invests a great deal of effort in creating major projects to promote Italian taste abroad. May 2001 saw the opening of the “Colavita Center for Italian Food and Wine”, an Italian cooking school located within the Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park, NY. The “Colavita Centre for Food & Wine” is one of a kind in the world, a Tuscan-style villa built within marvellous parkland just a few hours away from NY and dedicated to the study and promotion of genuine Italian regional cuisine and wine in the USA.

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