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Cereal Docks S.P.A.


Authentic fresh Italian ingredients from short “seed to table” supply chains, ensuring the food industry and consumers full transparency, quality and safety of food. With an added value also in terms of environmental sustainability. This is the idea behind ALIMENTO ITALIA, the brand for 100% Italian production of cereals and oilseeds from an integrated supply chain that the Cereal Docks Group will present at the Expo 2015. The universal exhibition is the best stage to launch a clear message: the quality of the food we bring to the table largely depends on the quality of the ingredients.

If food companies choose a short, verified and certified supply chain for their supplies of raw materials, they choose quality. It’s important to preserve the wealth of expertise and tradition of Italian agriculture and protect national products, creating value for all the players of the supply chain, from farmers to the processing industry and the end consumer. Cereal Docks is convinced; since 1983, it has been presenting itself as the link between agriculture and its corresponding industry and has become the main Italian industrial group operating in the field of cereal and oilseed processing for use in the food and industrial sector, as well as to produce biofuels.

The group operates with its production sites in Camisano Vicentino (its headquarters), Portogruaro, Venezia-Marghera and Fiorenzuola d’Arda. It also operates at an international level through its subsidiaries Cereal Docks International, Cereal Docks Romania and Cereal Docks Food.

With ALIMENTO ITALIA, Cereal Docks interprets the topic launched by Milan’s Expo, promoting a stronger relationship between agriculture and the processing industry with the aim of ensuring high food safety and nutritional quality of the products on the table through certified, sustainable and authentic production models checked at every step of the process.

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