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Casale Bio – Giuseppe Giglioli E Maria Pierina Rinaldi

CASALE BIO, WINE-GROWERS FROM 1770   The Giglioli family have worked on this property for eversince; we have an old accounting book of our forefather Giuseppe Giglioli written from 1770 (227 years ago) wich we show with pride to all our visitors. In 1959 the 24 years old descendent Giuseppe Giglioli decided radically to change the farm , chanching from diff erent grows in the same fi eld to specialized vineyard grown fi elds, and he planted more grapevines (sangiovese, trebbiano, malvasia and canaiolo varieties) and olive trees (such as correggiolo, leccino, moraiolo etc.), and it was a very innovative idea! The farm is not close to the cities this is healthy against smog and rumors. For this reason we decided to help the production certifi ng it through an Italian biologic association called “CODEX”.

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