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Synonymous with quality: Family-run business where every day you can find bread, pizza, cheese focaccia and fresh desserts without preservatives or added chemical additives such as the Sbrisolona award Dino Villani1997, Dolce di Tagliatelle or the sweet and fragrant Il Dolce delle Rose, but also fresh handmade pasta with simple and wholesome stuffings. Traditional pumpkin pies with ingredients such as apple mustard and Grana Padano DOP or Agnolini of meat always following the tradition with the Mantuan stew.

Plus the Monaco ring filled with toasted hazelnuts with almond-style cover or covered with white chocolate with a touch of class more under the Christmas holidays: Classic biscuits and without flours, cakes from Chizzuolo (Chisòl) and Bussolano (Bisulan) above all. Bread of all types, simple only with mother yeast or characteristic as the Mantua couple (Thispa) or the Baule, but also Riccioline or little hands that keep unchanged the their friability even after days.All this is found every day and even on Sunday, except Monday. From 2010 you can taste the products and especially our fresh pastries filled with quality products, vegetables, meats and cheeses expertly processed to to make all palates go crazy. A real Osteria del Mangione where you can choose traditional dishes of Mantovana cuisine, but also international dishes reproduced to try to please everyone. An indoor room for cold periods and an outdoor area to enjoy the beautiful view of Piazza Matilde di Canossa with its historic buildings. Recommended booking on weekends!

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