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SPICES AND HERBS SPECIALIST Cannamela was founded in Bologna in 1956 from the entrepreneurship of Cannamela family. In 1995 it became part of the Bonomelli group. Since then, the company has not stopped growing, its turnover increased more than threefold and totalled 51.4 million euros (Italy, 2017);  21.1 million units sold every year and 22 families of products that can be used for receipts of all dishes, from starters to desserts. These figures made Cannamela the leading brand in the spice and herb market; this result comes from its managerial vision, investments in an advanced technology along the entire chain and the absolute control on the whole production process. Its leadership is also confirmed by the market share held in the modern distribution: 28% both in terms of volume and value. In addition to the success of its spice lines, Cannamela offers a wide range of products in constant renewal and evolution, able to anticipate market trends. Every year, Cannamela invests considerable resources in research and development in order to guarantee a range of products that are able to follow the evolution of food needs. Consumers are aware of that and their confidence in the brand is also based on its high-quality standards and product safety, which are ensured during the sourcing of raw materials in the countries of origin. This guarantee continues in the processing and packaging phase and it is confirmed by prestigious certifications obtained over the years. The latest is the renewal of the Quality Award in 2018, the only Italian acknowledgement awarded directly by consumers. The award reflects Cannamela’s constant commitment to guaranteeing the high quality and excellence of its products.

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