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Tentazioni Pugliesi, a company that produces bakery products, with particular attention to the production of taralli, thanks to the respect for traditions and the quality of his raw material, has allowed it to position itself among the major Italian producers of taralli. 

Tentazioni Pugliesi achieves its great success thanks to the right combination of industrialization and maintenance of a production linked to tradition, with simple recipes, ingredients of the highest quality, and the maintenance of the entire classic production process of tarallo, consisting of both boiling and cooking in the oven, thus obtaining the right conservation of all the organoleptic properties of the tarallo, which will always be as if it were freshly baked. 

Present in the major distribution chains of the Italian GDO with their own brands: “Tentazioni Pugliesi”, “Tara’”, “Dal Forno di Giovanni Matera”, “Mr Krunc” and “Inforniamo” and also in commercial partnership for the production of private labels. 

Attentive to consumer requests, the range of products created with 100% Certified Italian Ingredients ranges from traditional to multi-grain, organic products, and innovative and healthy products with the addition of microbiologically pure sea water, thus eliminating the salt from the dough. 

The products of Tentazioni Pugliesi are in great demand and loved throughout the national, European and non-European territory. Thanks to the controlled origin of the raw materials, and to a meticulous research and product development work, the company has placed in its near future a new way of being close to everyone’s well-being, including new Gluten Free lines in its offer 

The certifications obtained are numerous and of great depth: ICEA, IFS, BRC. 

Despite the particularly tense moment on the markets, the company is projecting a production of 30,000 tons, useful for responding to the growing demand for a simple, healthy product suitable for everyone. 

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