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Look At The Product And Not The Productivity

November 20, 2020

Look at the product and not the productivity. Megic Pizza has never had doubts in this regard. It started as a pizzeria in 1973 and is today a national leader of chilled pizza, growing by 50% every year in Italy. Almost one hundred workers are employed on a daily basis in the two production plants in Friuli Venezia Giulia, run entirely on renewable energy.

The dough is a mix made up of seven different flours. Left to rest for more than twenty-six hours, it is then spread thanks to an innovative cold system that Megic has patented. The fillings, ahh manual, range from the most traditional to the gourmet ones.

The pizzas are packed under modified atmosphere and are checked with an “electronic nose” which guarantees the integrity of the packaging by automatically discarding the damaged packages. The pizza can also be cooked in a pan, thus saving money and energy. A handy QR code on the package opens a video showing how to do it. The company uses its logo on the Italian market (37% of the production) and abroad uses both its brand name as well as other brands.

“Our company has chosen to become even more green by reducing its environmental impact” – Explains Gerardo, founder of Megic Pizza – “We have decided to give our contribution towards safeguarding the planet. With a view to respecting nature even more, in 2021 we will be using packing material which is 100% recyclable (regarding the tray). Furthermore, our pizzas are cooked in ovens that do not produce CO2 and most of our suppliers are located within a radius of 50 km from our factories.”


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