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Delighting the World: Antonelli Confectionery Industries S.P.A.



Back in 1957, the brilliant intuition, combined with the craftsmanship of the young pastry chef Nicola Antonelli, gave birth to Dolciaria Romana Antonelli, the first pastry laboratory that will represent the point of origin of ANTONELLI INDUSTRIE DOLCIARIE Spa, a large Company that today consists of three industrial plants covering a total area of 15,000 square meters, where production lines with a capacity of approximately 180 million units of product per year are in operation.

A business model that embodies the oxymoron of innovative tradition, a combination that has garnered the approval of national customers first and global customers later, to the extent that today it stands in the market as a true benchmark in the Italian confectionery sector and beyond; a recipe for success that has managed to capture the tastes of consumers on all five continents who choose to indulge in moments of sweet well-being every day.


Antonelli doesn’t settle for creating simple sweets; it strives to offer true gustatory emotions that celebrate the simplicity, goodness, and truth of flavors. These fundamental principles permeate every aspect of the company, from the careful selection of raw materials to the moment when the finished products reach consumers’ homes.

The pursuit of simplicity is reflected in Antonelli’s approach to pastry production. The choice of highest quality raw materials is the first step towards creating excellent products.

Every ingredient is carefully selected, prioritizing freshness, origin, and intrinsic quality. This commitment to simplicity is evident in a range of sweets that enhance the natural flavors of the ingredients and highlight quality.

Goodness is the pulsating heart of Antonelli’s philosophy. The magic of natural leavening and baking, executed with artisanal mastery, gives life to products that are a true delight for the palate. Every phase of the production process is meticulously cared for, ensuring that every sweet is an explosion of taste and pleasure. The goodness of Antonelli’s sweets is evident from the first bite, with authentic and irresistible flavors that captivate the senses and warm the heart.


Antonelli offers a varied selection of gastronomic products, articulated in different lines, each designed to satisfy the desires and needs of a wide clientele.

The Classic Line embodies the authentic tradition of pastry, offering a selection of iconic products that evoke memories of sweetness and genuineness. Here, lovers of simplicity will find their favorites, from classic puff pastries to soft panettones, symbols of festivities and conviviality.

For those seeking a guilt-free sweet experience, there is the Wellness Line, designed for those who wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing the pleasure of taste.

Antonelli presents a wide range of lighter options but equally delicious, from a selection of wholemeal products to multigrain ones, to sweets without added sugars prepared with natural and nutritious ingredients.

The Specialty Line is dedicated to the most demanding and adventurous palates, offering a series of gourmet creations that marry unique flavors and unexpected combinations. The company stands out for its ability to innovate and surprise, offering refined sweets capable of satisfying even the most refined and sophisticated tastes.

Finally, for those looking for an unconventional but equally delicious alternative, the Savory Line is coming soon.


Constantly committed to bringing its values to the world, without neglecting the demands of the confectionery sector, so as to keep up with the latest trends, Antonelli Industrie Dolciarie S.p.A. stands out for its active presence in major international fairs. Each participation represents a unique opportunity for the company to present its gastronomic creations and share its taste vision with the global audience.

Antonelli has always achieved extraordinary success from participating in significant international events that represent qualifying moments of its commercial and entrepreneurial strategy. ISM 2024 in Cologne and GULFOOD 2024 in Dubai have confirmed admiration and interest in Antonelli, which hopes to be replicated also on the occasion of the ISM Middle East 2024 Fair in Dubai. Participation in international fairs not only provides Antonelli with a prestigious showcase to exhibit its creations but also represents a unique opportunity to forge new partnerships and expand its network of contacts globally.

Looking to the future, Antonelli Industrie Dolciarie S.p.A. is preparing to develop even further, consolidating its presence in the world with the strategic choice to establish a commercial representation office in Abu Dhabi. This move will allow the company to increase its presence in the Middle Eastern market and further strengthen its position as a leader in the international confectionery sector. Thanks to this expansion, Antonelli will continue to bring its delicious products to new markets, extending its influence and gastronomic expertise beyond the current 68 countries worldwide.

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