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Verdeoro S.R.L.

Verdeoro SRL, leading Company in the field of Olive Oils Verdeoro SRL is an Italian Olive Oil Company located in Priverno (LT). It was established in the early 1900 by Mantuano Family and today it is a leading Company in terms of productivity and new technologies in the field of Olive Oils. Verdeoro is Internationally recognized by several Quality Certifications such as BRC, IFS, Gost, Kosher, ICEA. Verdeoro proudly affirms that its products are appreciated by all its Customers for their impeccable organoleptic and analytical compositions.

Its orchards grow in Lazio region, between Lepini and Aurunci mountains, far from any industry which could pollute its fruits, the olives; in addition, the sea climate favors a more extensive production of olives. Few regions such as Lazio can combine different geographical characteristics which together produce an ideal environment for olive trees. The olive trees in fact grow healthy and in abundance in the mountains, aided by a naturally well-drained soil and a stable temperate climate which can also benefit from the thermal influence of the sea. It is the typical and peculiar micro-clima in Lazio region, one of the most favorable in Italy which gives our Oils high quality organoleptic features. All the aspects related to the Olive Oils production are strictly monitored by Verdeoro from the terroir up to the Olive Oil production process. Verdeoro believes in the treasure of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil for its nutritional and salutary virtues always taking care of its Customers’ needs. The objective of Mantuano family is to keep the quality of their own products genuine as it was a hundred years ago, promoting Italian quality products throughout the world. House Brands Santangelo, Mantuano, Verd d’Or, Pietra d’Olio, Paesanella, Prima Goccia, Grand’Olio.

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