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Sterling Aromi Srl

Aromatics products, FORMULAS in continuous evolutions   Founded in 1977 as SNIFF Italia, during the years impose in the production and sale of aromatics products, for the out standing research of new product, having so a huge amount of formulas in continuous evolutions. New aromas are constantly developed to satisfy the needs of our costumers. A deep knowledge of the raw materials and olfactory characteristic, allow us to reproduce tastes and scents. Since 2008 under SNIFF Italia Spa wings, was founded Sterling Srl, which deals in steroids and active ingredients and Sterling aromi Srl, responsabile for the flavours production. Sterling Srl is still in the historical site in Perugia, in a new and cutting-edge technologic complex for the production of steroids. Sterling aromi srl instead, has a new home in Como, near the highway, much more strategical for the future developments.   In the last years, thanks to a series of organizzative and strategical measures, Sterling Aromi Srl is already achieving excellent results, in contrast to the general crisis. The range of uses of our products goes from baked goods, yogurt, puddings and ice-creams, chocolate, liquors and savory products to pharmaceuticals flavours, syrups and dietary supplements. Sterling is trademark of “total quality”. All our products are realized accordingly to original formulas of our creation. Each flavour is achieved following a design process that involves the selections of the raw materials, instrumental and sensory analisys and the formulation in accordance to the customers specific request and the Regulations We have natural flavouring and flavouring, liquid and powder, watersoluble or liposolubile, high or low yields, all in a wide range of packaging. Our flavours are already used by companies sucessfully operating in the following trades: FOOD INDUSTRIES PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES.

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