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THE RAFFAELLI BRAND, EMBODIES THE UNCHANGED SPIRIT OF TUSCAN TRADITION Between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Apuan Alps, the Plain of Lucca is a land steeped in gastronomic traditions. This region of famous names from history and literature is where the Raffaelli products originated; among hillsides, where Tuscan olives grow in abundance, here there is their choice Land. A true gastronomic journey in which all the flavours of the region can be rediscovered unaltered. The RAFFAELLI brand today embodies the unchanged spirit at the heart of Tuscan tradition, which like the region’s fertile soil is the source of delicious new products. Making sitting down together at table a truly joyful occasion. A careful selection of raw materials … the olives harvested at the right stage of maturity … the best selections of grain … the bronze dies … vegetables freshly picked … cleaning and entirely handcrafted. All this allows you to taste the products as well as the only place, and the height of the season, it can happen to enjoy. Recipes of the past, when love for cooking and food preparation, showed off  the simple home cooking, for the preparation of tasty dishes. The best Italian tradition was born a rich and varied assortment. Moments that can last a long time … .. Enjoy the scents, aromas and flavors of an enchanting land: Tuscany.

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