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Solfarm Europe Srl / Natural Fruits Production

Pure 100% fruit … Our Unique Secret! The company: A young company – founded in March 2003 – but already full of great experience, such as Fresh fruit picking: it offers its products to customers attentive to the quality of what they eat. The success lies in the attention given to the product and its production, performed with high technology and expertise. The staff The Staff management has years of experience in the import of tropical fruits and distribution of the product in the demanding European markets. It ‘supported by his careful and preparations which, aware of the importance of the mission, are at their best in the performance of their work. The product The traditional and tropical fruits and vegetables are imported from the best manufacturers in the world, is peeled, cut, cored, cubed and stored in sealed packages that ensure the freshness. The experience and professionalism of all the staff, permit the placing on the market of a very good quality product, which is marketed within the GDO, ready to be served to the consume.

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