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Ravanetti Artemio Srl

Parma Ham production and curing and the marketing of cured meats   Like all stories of Our Land, ours also started a long time ago, on the hills overlooking the valley of the Parma stream, where favourable climatic conditions and the particularly fertile soil led to the settlement of a hard-working peasant civilisation. CASTRIGNANO was founded amidst these hills, at 600 metres above sea level. The name of the village comes from the Castle built by one REGNANO, hence the name CASTRUM REGNANO, which later became CASTRIGNANUM. The lands surrounding the Castle were then owned by the monks of the abbey of St. Apollonius of Canossa. Later, in 1116 A.D., the Holy Roman emperor Henry V – who had come to Italy to take possession of the property of the late Countess Matilde of Canossa – gave CASTRIGNANO to the Bishops of Parma to celebrate his son’s wedding. From then on, the history of the Bishops of Parma has been intertwined with that of the RAVANETTI family. Set into the walls of the Castle – now a parish church – you can see the burial stone of the Bishop RAVANETUS, administrator of the parish church and the CASTRIGNANO lands. The RAVANETTI family, originally from CASTRIGNANO, has pursued their ancestors’ tradition in producing, managing and looking after the products of their land. The firm first joined the LANGHIRANO CONSORTIUM and, since 1979, has been a member of the PARMA HAM CONSORTIUM.   Today, the business is completely run by sons Ercole and Antonio, who continue to assure that all processing stages are carried out with hand-crafted care, abiding by tradition and guaranteeing the high quality of the product. In addition to the production and curing of the Parma Ham, it also deals with the marketing of Cold Cuts of the Parma peasant tradition such as Salame, Culatello, Pancetta pork belly, via the brand name “LA DISPENSA DEL VESCOVO” (The Bishop’s Pantry). RAVANETTI ARTEMIO SNC is mainly active on the national market and partly on the EEC market, relying on Sales Agents and especially focusing on the Traditional Retail channel. Our products cannot be found in supermarket chains and in mass retail. The Ravanetti organisation consists of three production employees and one accountant. We are currently among the smallest companies operating in the Ham-making sector, with an annual turnover of about 1.5 million euros.

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