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Pomì Italia – Consorzio Casalasco Del Pomodoro Soc.Agr.Coop

Tomato Pomì: how a pride of Italy is born

Pianura Padana area. More than 300 tomato farmers, associated to offer the market not only the fruit of their cultivation but also the final product ready to use. An idea, which conquered the market in a few years. Casalasco was born in 1977 and today is one of the major group for private label in Europe and worldwide, with 350.000 tons of fresh tomato processed, destined to its brands and to the best international labels to create ingredients, sauces and condiments ready to use. Advanced Partnerships, which are extended also to soups and vegetable broth, beverages and fruit juices. Casalasco is passion, research, quality, Made in Italy. The ability to be a system in granting quality, safety and control during all production steps. A success oriented to the future trough a sustainable development and an ethic system of management, which promotes the care and respect for workers, legality and environment. With 2 production sites and more than 40 packaging lines, Casalasco is today one of the most important producer for its own brands and private labels in Europe, with a long experience in the co-packing of sauces, condiments, soups, beverages and a great flexibility related to packs and production systems: aseptic, hot filling and retort. The R&D department creates recipes for the taste of any consumer. Technology always at the service of highest quality. Tomato by products, beverages and ready meals. Casalasco expresses its know how trough several brands on different markets. But among this range, Pomì stands out: the most classic Made in Italy brand. Created in 1982 as Parmalat brand, it became famous thanks to the famous Italian claim “O Così o Pomì”, since 2007, it belongs to Consorzio Casalasco del Pomodoro. A successful case history, which the company is already bringing towards the achievement of international markets, with a diffusion that nowadays exceeds 50 countries in the world.

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