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Molitoria S. Paolo S.P.A.

Flours an durum semolina for industrial production and home use use In Sicily from four generations Gallo’s family has been grinding wheat into flour with passion and care. The mills, located near Siracusa, have been totally modernized in the last years investing in cutting edge milling technology with the aim of guaranteeing superlative quality for all his customers. Thanks to the precious local farming and the import of foreign selected wheat, we are able to produce a wide range of top quality flours an durum semolina which insure excellent results for both professional and home use. From more than twenty years we produce semi finished products to improve direct dough or ready to use for special bakery  productions. Our main market is Sicily, where we deliver within 24 hours, but we have also customers in Europe and USA. Ours main customers are industrial bakeries, pasta factory and big pastries, but also craft shop. Ours labs, where we always invest valuable resources, and a solid collaboration with customers ensure constant characteristics of final products and supply the customer requests to the our company.

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