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The Faraci brand was established in 1930. Over 70 years of experience and tradition handed down from one generation to the next make the cultural heritage of this company which has always produced durum wheat semolina pasta. The factory is located in the Sicilian province Siracusa and stands on a surface of approximately 30,000 square meters of which 2,000 are covered.

The idea came to grandfather Antonio who, working in a mill that produced top-quality flour, thought of combining this raw material with water to produce what is today considered a symbol of Italy: pasta. Today, the company is in its third generation and has added new production systems to the traditional method developed by grandfather Antonio, while respecting the environment and the consumers. This is why the drying process still takes place at medium-high temperatures, which do not affect the natural properties of pasta and preserve its special , unique taste.

All the wheat used in the plant comes from Sicily, and it is selected by the production managers who, using the company’s mills, can always offer products with consistent quality standards. The production chain complies with all legal requirements and meets the applicable hygienic and sanitary standards including the regulations on self-control for food producers (HACCP) and the recent regulations on products and system traceability.

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