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Feletti 1882

Feletti 1882 is a part of the chocolate tradition of Piedmont. Since 2012 the brand has been a part of Gruppo HDI S.p.A. along with Sorini.Feletti’s production is based on traditional craft-based methods using only the very highest quality ingredients and with painstaking attention to detail: from the cocoa bean… to the chocolate! In 1800 Turin became a renowned centre of chocolate-making and it was right here that the Torinese confectioners began producing aromatised chocolates that were called “diablotin” and “givu”. In 1882, in the midst of this mouth-watering world of experimentation, Carlo Birocchetto began to produce chocolate in his little workshop which soon became famous for the exceptional quality of its delicacies. The little workshop moved from a small district into the brand new Umberto 1st Gallery, a shopping centre but also a place for socialising for the Turin of the late nineteenth century. Here Carlo was able, not only to increase the output of his products but also to experiment with new items such as the “bicerin” (or ‘little glass’, a drink of coffee and chocolate) that won the acclaim of a public that flocked to sample the delights of the now famous confectioner. So it was that in just a few years the little Birocchetto company acquired an international renown, so much so that it participated in the Food Exhibition in Paris in 1903 and in London in 1904, winning numerous awards. During the following years a succession of owners followed one another until il Commendatore Giuseppe Feletti gave the company the name that it still bears to this day. In 1963, after years of serious peaks and troughs, among them being the Second World War, Feletti became a publicly listed company and the need arose to build a new and more modern factory. And so in 1968 was constructed the factory in Pont–Saint-Martin in Valle d’Aosta. Equipped with the latest plant and machinery, it carries out product research and innovation, but it also continues to follow recipes steeped in the past and the history of that little workshop with a big reputation: the givu of old “Carlo Birocchetto” have today become the highly sought-after Gianduiotti Azzurri! Enter the magical world of Feletti products, and its legendary chocolate!

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