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Evangelista Liquori

EVANGELISTA LIQUORI, “PUNCH ABRUZZO”   Evangelista liquor is a family business, founded in 1907 in Borrello (Chieti), a small and cold mountain village in Abruzzo. During the long, cold winters, Mayor Antonio Evangelista who had a passion for alchemy, used to prepare a “special drink” that heated over an open fi re, gave off  a scent so intense and intoxicating to arouse the curiosity of the country. Jealous of what his “secret” recipe handed down from his father, the mayor used to off er the “special drink” on important occasions, only later began to prepare it for a few close friends. The demands, more and more insistent led him to perfect it calling it “Punch Abruzzo”. Due to its high quality, the “Punch Abruzzo” has, over the years, won several awards, prizes and gold medals.The “secret” formula has been handed down to their children and in 1983, the eldest Happy Evangelista moved the company to Sambuceto (Ch), where the third and fourth generations continue to produce fedelmentee love with the mythical “Punch Abruzzo” always in respect of that ‘ethics of their Evangelista liquors.     The “Punch Abruzzo” for the masterful and charming combination of its natural ingredients, it is appreciated everywhere and is universally regarded as “authentic specialties of Abruzzo”, the “VeroSpirito Abruzzo”. Born as liquor to drink, “Hot”, for its rich and precious bouquet, it is also appreciated by many “cold” ice cream (Drowned) in macedoniadi fruit, cakes and Pandora. As a “Digestive” is the pleasant conclusion of a good meal. “Rich”, “Unique”, “Irresistible” …. The taste gratifying that everyone has the right “!The company Evangelista, while continuing to produce liqueurs with passion and enthusiasm of the ancient tradition, is always ready to innovation and any challenge to create new and unusual liqueurs that the foreign market especially requires them

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