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Delicius Rizzoli S.P.A.

Delicius  was founded in Parma (Italy) back in 1974. Ever since, it has been developing, producing and marketing preserved fish. Over the years Delicius  has achieved excellence positions in the fish market, building its own identity with products of superior quality which our consumers recognise. A taste for good food, prepared with care, a wide range of products and fantasy: this is the Italian good way of living in summary. Delicius  is the Italian leader on the markets of anchovies, mackerels, pilchards and shrimps. Thanks to its network of collaborators and facilities in five different countries, Delicius operates at global level directly on the fishing sites where raw materials are accurately selected and controlled from a microbiological and sensory standpoint. Loyal to its innovative vocation, Delicius has always played a key role on the market and has expanded its range of products to include preserved shellfish (clams and mussels), salmon, tuna and cod, conjugating great attention to consumers and a high level of service guaranteed to modern distribution.

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