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Consorzio Mortadella Bologna

MORTADELLA BOLOGNA PGI   Mortadella Bologna is a PGI product, an acronym for “Protected Geographic Indication” symbolizing control, guarantee and quality. This designation belongs to the European Commission and only conferred on products of authentic origination and a long tradition of quality. Mortadella Bologna has centuries of history reflecting the famous gastronomy of Bologna. Mortadella Bologna PGI is a cured meat with a cylindrical or oval shape. It has a pinkish color and an intense flavor. The taste of Mortadella Bologna PGI is very unique and aromatic, and it’s very easy to recognize. The traditional taste of Mortadella Bologna is a combination of the bestselect pork meats and the Associated Companies’s experience. Each of these Companies mix spices and natural seasonings for an inimitable flavor. This produces the unique fragrance once it’s been cut.   Mortadella Bologna PGI is rich in vitamins (especially B1 and B2) and protein with less fat than you would think – there are only 60/70 grams of cholesterol per hectogram – comparable to the lightest white meat. Mortadella Bologna is also rich in minerals like zinc and iron. This makes it an ideal food for those with an active life who need extra energy. They will find less calories than a portion of pasta and the same calories contained in cheese spread. It’s an ingredient in many recipes. It can be eaten alone as a thin cut for an appetizer or after an entrée with a fresh baguette. Mortadella Bologna PGI is a common ingredient throughout Italy to prepare tasty tortellini recipes a traditional dish in the Emilia region. It’s also used as an ingredient in meatballs and eggplant parmesan popular in the central and southern Italy.

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