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Consorzio Di Tutela Dei Salumi Di Calabria A D.O.P.

Salsiccia di Calabria PDO is plaited into the typical chain with length that can vary from 40 to 80 cm, or is tied in the characteristic U shape. When cut it has a medium grain with a natural red or bright red colour, depending on the variety of natural aromatic ingredients used. Its fragrance and savoury flavour are intense.

Soppressata di Calabria PDO has the typical slightly pressed shape, with approx. length 18 cm and approx. diameter 6 cm. When cut it is firm and inclined to be soft, with a natural red or uniform bright red colour, depending on the natural ingredients used. Capocollo di Calabria PDO has a cylindrical shape that is wrapped in a natural film and tied with an all embracing twine. It is more or less intensely pink or red, with a delicate flavour that becomes more refined with maturation.

Pancetta di Calabria PDO has a rectangular shape with thickness in the range of 3-5 cm, and an external red colour marked by the presence of Calabrian chilli powder. The slice is pink with fine alternating streaks of lean meat and fat. The fragrance is intense with a good savoury flavour.

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